Mommy Card - Terms & Conditions

  • This Mommy Card program can only be applied for customers from 18 years old: Vietnamese with Identity Card (ID), foreigners with passport, and have kid(s) under 12 years old, except for AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. staff and shall not be applied for any commercial purposes.
  • Customers shall receive one Mommy Card at Customer Service Counter upon their registration in this program. Each customer can only occupy 01 (one) card serial number.
  • This Card is the property of AEON Vietnam Co. Ltd. (“AEON”), even after being provided for customers. In case of losing the card, please contact Customer Service Counter at AEON for re-issuing. The applicable fee is VND 20,000 for each card.
  • Please present Mommy card (or temporary barcode) when making the payment on the 2nd and the 4th Saturday to receive 5% discount of Moms and Kids’ products at the AEON General Merchandising Store and Supermarket. Customers shall be awarded gifts right after registration, invited to 02 events in the year, updated SMS/news of promotion programs, and other benefits which are applied for members only.
  • Please present Mommy Card and ID/Passport for benefits or when engaging in any related procedures.
  • Aeon has privilege anytime about:
  1. Make modifications or end Mommy Card program.
  2. Refuse to provide Mommy Card.
  3. Collect or terminate Mommy Card for valid reasons. These reasons include customer’s violations of Mommy Card terms and conditions or customer(s) being suspected of dishonesty in using Mommy Card in any circumstances.
  • AEON shall not take any responsibilities in solving customer’s complaints or privileges if the information given by customer(s) is not accurate and sufficient, or is beyond the deadline of receiving privileges as in this program’s regulations, and in any incurring problems from malfunction or loss of Mommy Card.
  • AEON is permitted to use any information written in registration forms and any data related to purchase of members at AEON General Merchandising Store & Supermarket in order to support direct marketing, statistics and program management. All information regarding (our) members will be kept as confidential.
  • This card has three years validation from the registration date. This card will be terminated when customers do not satifsfy the Article 1.
  • If you have any questions or problems regarding this program, please contact our Customer Service Counter at supermarket or through hotline (028) 6288 7722 or email to