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The Privacy Protection and Information Distribution Policy (“the Policy”) of the AEON Vietnam Member Program (“the Program”), in principle, complies with the Personal Data Protection Policy of AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. (“the Company”), published on the Company’s websites/Applications and/or official communication channels, and is specified as follows. 

Customers need to carefully read the Policy including its revised and supplemented versions before participating in the Program. Participation in and continued enjoyment of the Program’s benefits are an acknowledgement of the customers of having read and fully understood the contents of the Policy, and voluntarily agreed to allow the Company to proceed their Personal Data according to the entire content of the Policy, including those stipulated in its the revised and supplemented versions, which have been updated and published on the Website/Mobile Application AEON VietNam of the Program. 

Any Customer who does not agree with any part of the Policy, is advised not to access, participate in or provide/send Personal Data to the Company from the Website/Mobile application of the Program. 

Article 1. Information collection and use 

1. Types of information collected: 

When a Member Customer registers to open an account and/or perform transactions from the AEON VietNam mobile application, the Company will, from time to time, collect the necessary information for account registration and/or the execution of transactions (“Member Information”), so that the Company can identify and/or verify the information of the Member Customer to ensure the interests of consumers. 

The collected Member Information includes but is not limited to: 

a. Personal Information is any information sufficient to accurately identify an individual, including at least one of the following: full name, date of birth, gender, nationality, citizen identification number, passport number, phone number, email address, permanent and temporary residence address, contact address, office address, title, etc., and other information including but not limited to marital status, number of children and ages of children, medical records, tax records, social insurance card numbers, credit card numbers, occupation, hobbies, income, etc.. 

b. Transaction Information is information arising from or related to the process of purchasing, using the Member Account, performing transactions on the mobile application and other channels of the Program. 

2. Purposes of Information Collection and Use

a. To provide Member Customer with Program benefits and to administer the Program; 

b. To perform services that are necessary or that contribute to the provision and administration of the Program; 

c. To identify, authenticate and verify Member Customer’ registered information; 

d. To communicate, assist in communication between the Member Customer and the Company, and to handle the requests from the Member Customer; 

e. To implement marketing and communication campaigns to Member Customer to improve the effectiveness of the Program. To send to Member Customer notices, advertising information, promotions, and materials related to the Program, products and/or services within the framework of the Program by means under regulations and law; 

f. To make market surveys, to conduct new product research and development, to consolidate and perform data analysis of Member Customer’ information, consumption behaviours, and to use detailed transaction information related to the Program to support the operation of the Program and business activities of the Company and its Partner Companies; 

g. Detect, prevent or investigate any illegal activities, misconduct or negligence related to the use of services within the framework of the Program such as forgery, vandalism of Member Customer accounts, forgery of the identity of a Member Customer, fraud, or any other activity arising from the relationship between the Company and the Member Customer within the framework of the Program; 

h. To store, manage, backup for recovery when troubles occur or for other similar purposes; 

i. To investigate incidents, resolve disputes, complaints and to perform other activities in order to comply with obligations under the law of Vietnam; 

j. To comply with the provisions of the law, the requirements of the competent authorities including but not limited to the obligation to disclose information, report according to the provisions of the law on promotion, record keeping, audit; 

k. To use cookies or similar technologies, to collect information such as access history, Member’s choices upon access and while using features of AEON VietNam mobile application, etc. to enhance customers’ experience and help the Company understand the needs and preferences of Member Customers for better service provision. 

l. To perform other lawful purposes consistent with the Program’s objectives (if any); 

m. For the use of personal information of the Member Customer for any other purpose rather than those hereinabove mentioned, the Company will notify the Member Customer before using it, except in cases permitted by law. 

3. Term of information storage and use 

a. Information will be stored and used for the purposes stated in Article 1.1 of this Appendix 2 from the date a Member Customer joins the Program until the date it is deleted or eliminated according to legislation and/or regulations or decisions of the Company from time to time.  

b. When a membership is resigned or eliminated, the Company will notify through the linked mobile applications or in writing to the Partner Companies who involve in the operation and management of information. However, how the Partner Companies will handle the information when membership is resigned or eliminated will be subject to the policies of the respective Partner Companies. 

Article 2. Information disclosure 

The Member Customer hereby agrees to the following terms of information disclosure:

1. Receiving parties:

a. The Company (AEON VIETNAM Co., Ltd.) 

b. ACS VIETNAM Trading Co., Ltd. 

c. The Company’s service providers who are involved in the provision of services and administration of the Program. 

d. The Company’s Partner Companies who have agreements on the distribution and confidentiality of information, other companies in which the Company’s owner (AEON Co., Ltd.) holds capital directly or indirectly, including companies established after the time the Member Customer agrees to this Privacy Protection And Information Distribution Policy and the Terms and Conditions. 

e. Services providers who involve in information processing activities. 

f. Competent authorities and units. 

2. Use purpose of the receiving parties: 

According to the agreement between the Company and the receiving parties, comply with the provisions stipulated in this Appendix. 

3. Type of information provided: 

According to the agreement between the Company and the receiving parties, comply with the provisions stipulated in this Appendix. 

4. Term of storage and use of information of the receiving parties: 

According to the agreement between the Company and the receiving parties, comply with the provisions stipulated in this Appendix. 

Article 3. Rights and obligations of Member Customers regarding the protection of Member Information 

1. Obligations of information protection of Member Customers 

a. Each Member Customer understands, commits, and warrants to be the sole and legal owner of their Member Account, responsible for self-preservation of their physical card (if any) and the confidentiality of their Member Account information. The physical card (if any) is used only by the Member Customer themselves and may not be lent, transferred, authorized to others to use, or pledged as collaterals without the prior consent of the Company. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by circumstances in which a Member Customer violates the provisions of this Article or when they are careless in the maintenance of their physical card and Member Account. 

b. If the Member Account or the physical card (if any) of a Member Customer is stolen, damaged or lost, that Member Customer has responsibility for notifying the Company immediately. Upon receipt of the notification, the Company will take necessary measures, such as verifying, checking, changing the use status of that Member Account. The Company shall not be liable for any damage that occurs before the relevant Customer Member fulfils their notification obligation as provided for in this Article or during the Company’s implementation of necessary abovementioned measures. 

c. All Member Customers must not interfere with the system or change the data structure of the Mobile Application in any way. The Company strictly prohibits the distribution, dissemination or promotion of any activities aimed at interfering, destroying, or infiltrating the data of the Mobile Application system. In case of violation, that Member Customer will be deprived of all benefits arising from the use of the Mobile Application and may be sued in accordance with the law. 

2. Rights of information protection of Member Customers 

a. Access, modify, withdraw consent: 

– Each Customer Member may access, correct and delete certain Personal Information from their Mobile Application and/or has the right to request the Company to amend or update their Personal Information by sending request through written forms, call center, email or other interactive channels of the Program. 

– Any Member Customer has the right to opt out of receiving marketing emails from the Program by unchecking “I want to receive news” on the Mobile Application. 

– Any Customer Member has the right to choose to stop receiving notifications on the Mobile Application by customizing the permission settings of their device according to the rules of iOS and Android operating systems. 

b. Objection to data processing: In cases where the Company collects and uses Personal Information of Member Customers not for the purposes stated in the Policy without their consent, the relevant Member Customer has the right to require the Company to stop using such Personal Information until the Company has a justifiable reason to continue using it, except as required by a competent governmental authority. 

c. Delete data: 

–  Member Customers (including legal representatives for Members under the age of 16) may, at any time, request data deletion by cancelling their consent of the Terms and Conditions and resigning their membership directly via Mobile Application, through written forms, call center, email or other interactive channels of the Program. 

– After receiving the request to resign the membership, the Company will verify, check and take necessary measures to eliminate the membership as required, or refuse to eliminate the membership if it is found that there are signs of misconduct, fraud or improper use of the Program for personal purposes. 

– Under any circumstances, the membership and Bonus Points will not be restored after two years from the processing date of the resignation or elimination of the membership. 

– AEON POINT Accumulated Points will be processed according to the policy of the AEON POINT Program and subject to changes by case. 

– From the time of receiving a valid request to delete data from a Member Customer, the Company will stop recording further Transaction Information, and perform the deletion of the Personal Information of relevant Member Customer in accordance with the provisions of law and/or decisions and regulations of the Company from time to time. 

Article 4. Commitment of protection of Member Information 

1. Member Information on AEON VietNam mobile application is committed to be processed with confidentiality by the Company in accordance with the Company’s Personal Data Protection policy. The collection and use of Member Information is only made with the consent of that Member Customer, except for the cases specified in Article 1 of the Policy or other cases prescribed by law. 

2. In the event that the information server is attacked by a hacker leading to the loss of Member Information data, the Company will be responsible for notifying the incident to the competent authorities for timely investigating and handling, as well as notifying related members. 

3. All online transaction information of Member Customers, including information on digital invoices and documents, is protected at the Company’s 1st-level secure central data server. 

4. All Member Information, as well as information exchanged between Member Customers and the Company, is stored, and kept confidential by the Company’s systems. 

5. The Company has appropriate technical and security measures to prevent unauthorized access and use of Member Information. The Company also regularly cooperates with security experts to update the latest information on network security to ensure the confidentiality of Member Information when Member Customers access, register an account and/or use the features of the AEON VietNam mobile application. When collecting data, the Company keeps and secures Member Information at the server system and this Member Information is secured by measures such as firewalls, access control, and data encryption. 

6. The Company does not allow third parties to track or collect Member Information on the AEON VietNam mobile application as well as on the Company’s websites, except for the cases with the consent of the Member Customer. 

7. The Company commits that it will not by default force any Member Customer to use additional services when installing and using its application. 

Article 5. Contacts of the organization collecting and managing Member Information 


Address: No. 30 Tan Thang Street, Son Ky Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City 

Tel: (028) 6288 7711 

Article 6. Dispute and claims resolution 

Enquiries and concerns about the right to access, modify/correct Personal Information or feedbacks about the Policy, can be sent to the Company via the following address, on call center and/or e-mail: 

Hotline: 1800-888-886 (08:00 am – 22:00 pm every weekday), 


Article 7. Other regulations 

The Company shall, from time to time, amend the content of the Policy at its convenience, and those amendments will take effect immediately upon published on the Program’s Website/ AEON VietNam mobile application.