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AEON Environment Foundation

AEON Environment Foundation
The Aeon Environmental Foundation was established in 1990 with the recognition that the 21st century would be the century of water and greenery. The Aeon Environmental Foundation continues to plant trees in Japan and around the world with the goals of preventing global warming and conserving biodiversity. The Foundation also provides subsidies and other support to other groups with similar objectives.

AEON ECO Projects
AEON Enviroment Projects
The Aeon Manifesto on the Prevention of Global Warming, which set the first CO2 emission reduction targets in the retail industry, was achieved in FY 2011, one year ahead of schedule. Upon this achievement, the Aeon ECO Project was launched in September 2012 with new environmental targets through FY 2020. This is AEON’s commitment based on growing social awareness for conservation of electricity and energy and expected electricity supply shortages with the addition of a new disaster-prevention perspective. Centered on three strategies with numerical targets to achieve by FY 2020, Aeon will mobilize Group strengths aiming to achieve these targets.

Tree Planting Activities
Tree Planting Activities
Aeon’s tree-planting activities implemented together with customers in Japan and overseas, including through the Aeon Hometown Forest Program started in 1991, reached up to 10 million trees planted in 2013.

With the hope to pass down the precious and beautiful planet Earth to the children of the future, we at AEON will continue to approach customers living in local communities and fully mobilize the unique capabilities of the retail industry to conduct activity together with customers in order to foster eco-minded people around the world.

Aims of the Aeon Hometown Forest Program

– Planting native trees: Aeon is planting native trees best suited to the local nature environment.

– Planting a variety of species: A mixture of 10-20 species of native trees, allows the planted trees to compete and grow naturally.