AEON Sustainability Principle

Aeon aims to realize a sustainable society with the stakeholders based on Aeon Basic Principles of “pursuing peace, respecting humanity and contributing to local communities, with the customer’s point of view as its core”.

With the realization of a “Low – carbon Society”, “Conservation of Biodiversity”, “Better Use of Resources” and “Addressing Social Issues” as core principles, we will think globally and advance activities locally.

Low Carbon SocietyLow – carbon Society

The Aeon Manifesto on the Prevention of Global Warming guides us in effort to reduce CO2 emission. We are creating low negative impact environmental stores and developing environment-friendly products. Together with our customers, we are pursuing resource-saving activities.

Conservation of BiodiversityConservation of Biodiversity

Aeon’s business would be impossible without agricultural and marine products-gift from nature. Understanding this, we create the Aeon Biodiversity Principle, providing fundamental guidance for our development of products and stores that reflect concern for biodiversity, and for tree-planting and other eco-activities.

Better use of ResourcesBetter Use of Resources

Aeon has introduced a “demand controller” thermostat system to reduce energy use during peak hours. It monitors equipment and does not allow energy-use to exceed pre-set levels. Beside that, all Aeon stores can achieve good energy conservation results by using air conditioning wisely. Winter and summer temperature setting allow Aeon to fine-tune store air quality management and at the same time ensure a comfortable shopping environment. Aeon has also set item-by-item refrigerated display case temperature guidelines. In addition, some stores are using refrigeration with doors, to save energy.

Addressing social issuesAddressing Social Issues

To create a richer society, we are promoting initiatives with our customers and with local communities, to stimulate regions and support people locally and internationally for a better life.