1. Program Name: AEON VIETNAM MEMBER, hereinafter referred to as “Program”.

2. Applicable locations: AEON Branches, General Merchandise Store belonging to AEON Vietnam.

3. Customers eligible to participate in the Program: applicable to individuals who are Vietnamese citizens with ID card, Citizen Identification card, or foreigners with passports aged 16 years old or older and are not allowed to use for any commercial purpose. This program will not apply to employees of AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd.

4. Detailed content of the Program:

AEON Vietnam Member Customer Program (AEON Viet Nam Member) only applies to Vietnamese citizens or foreigners with ID card/CCCD/Passport who are 16 years old or older and this account cannot be used for other purposes. any commercial purposes such as buying, selling or transferring. Each customer only owns one (01) member account. This program will not apply to employees of AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. Customers can register to participate in the program in the following 2 forms: 

– Register directly at the Customer Service Counter in the area of ​​AEON Department Store and AEON Supermarket nationwide: After registering to participate in the program, customers will be given one (01) AEON Membership Card for free. made of plastic with the AEON membership number printed on it, along with a small card attached to a keychain (equivalent to a plastic card).

+ Only individuals who are the original owners of the AEON Membership Card have the right to use this card. The card remains the property of AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. (referred to as AEON) after being issued to the customer. 

+ In case the card is lost, the customer will contact AEON’s Customer Service Desk to reissue the card at a cost of 20,000 VND/main card. 

*Note: direct registration has been suspended since July 1, 2022 at the announced stores, Department Stores and supermarkets. 

– Register online using the mobile application “AEON VietNam” on the phone: Customers after filling in all relevant personal information (Full name, phone number, nationality, ID card number/ CCCD/Passport, date of birth, gender, address…) the system will issue one (01) member account with AEON member code. One (01) mobile phone number is used to register one (01) member account and log in to the AEON VietNam mobile application.

– Forms of member accounts: 

Membership accounts have two forms: Physical Card (Hard Card) and Online Card (Barcode and/or QR code Member code). 

+ The physical card is a hard plastic card provided by AEON Vietnam with a series of barcodes corresponding to the member number.

+ Online card is a series of barcodes and/or QR codes corresponding to the member number on the AEON VietNam mobile application.

*Note: AEON Vietnam may issue new account forms or stop providing the above forms from time to time. 

The program only calculates points when member customers present Member Account Information in the following forms: 

+ Member customers present the AEON Vietnam Membership Code which is the barcode printed on the hard card or the barcode of the card online on the AEON VietNam mobile application when making payment. 

+ Member customers read the phone number used when registering for membership to AEON staff when paying for shopping. 

– Rules for accumulating points and converting them for use: 

For every 10,000 VND (ten thousand VND) purchased at AEON Vietnam Department Store and Supermarket, customers accumulate one (01) point (excluding the unrounded change of 10,000 VND for each purchase). pay). Every 300 accumulated points can be converted into one (01) AEON Voucher worth 30,000 VND (thirty thousand VND) (voucher used to reduce payment for the next purchase at AEON Vietnam’s department stores and supermarkets). Nam) and cannot be converted into cash. 

Accumulation of points is not applicable in case of purchases with Discount Coupons, AEON Promotional Coupons, purchases at Shopping Center areas, and does not apply concurrently with other card programs issued by AEON and other products. Promotional products are prohibited according to the provisions of law. 

– Points and profile information are officially updated 24 hours after the transaction occurs. 

– Accumulated points that have not been converted into AEON vouchers in the previous year will be automatically converted into accumulated points of the following year and these points are only valid for conversion into AEON vouchers before the end of June 30 of the following year. In any case, AEON is not responsible for notifying customers of this regulation. 

– Member customers will present their Member Account with AEON Vietnam Membership Code which is the barcode printed on the hard card or the barcode of the online card on the AEON VietNam Mobile Application and ID card/CCCD/Passport when receiving rights. benefits (exchange vouchers, gifts, etc.) or carry out related documentation procedures. 

– AEON Vietnam has the right to: 

(i) Change, update information, or terminate the Program according to the provisions of law and send notice to member customers or information on media channels (hereinafter referred to as “Notification” ) when making application. 

(ii) AEON Vietnam is allowed to use the customer information provided during the registration process to participate in the Program and all data related to members’ shopping at the AEON Vietnam supermarket system. when the customer’s consent and agreement has been obtained during the registration process to participate in the Program and the Privacy Policy and member information sharing have been published on the AEON VietNam mobile application and AEON Vietnam website. 

(iii) Members do not have any shopping transactions and accumulate points continuously within two (02) years, AEON Vietnam notifies customers through the following methods (sending notification messages, sending notifications on membership application_AEON VietNam mobile application…), after (07) seven days of information to customers, AEON Vietnam will proceed to lock the customer’s member account. 

– The program does not apply concurrently with other programs at AEON unless otherwise notified by AEON Vietnam. 

See more details HERE.

These terms and conditions take effect from January 1st, 2024. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer service counter at the nearest AEON General Merchandise Store or contact 1800.888.886