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AEON Vietnam Member Terms of Use


– The membership Loyalty Program of AEON Vietnam (or “AEON Vietnam Member” or “Program”) is available for Vietnamese Citizens or foreigners with Citizen Identity Cards/ Passports from the age of 16 or corporate clients, government agencies, organizations with legal rights in Vietnam, and cannot be used for any commercial purposes. There is only 01 membership account created for each customer/ corporate client and will not be available for employees of AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. 

– As providing more benefits for Members, AEON Vietnam has officially partnered with the AEON POINT Program which combines promotion programs of subsidiary companies of AEON Group. All individual Members of AEON Vietnam are available to take the benefits of both programs. 

To join in the program, customers/ corporate clients can register by two methods: 

+Registration at Store: registering at the Customer Service Counter of AEON Vietnam General Merchandise Store & Supermarket nationwide, or any registering areas according to the program policy for each specific period. 

+Online Registration: individual customers can register on AEON VIETNAM mobile application or any application of partners in the program. 

Types of Membership Accounts: 

There are two types of Membership accounts: physical card and digital card (using member barcode or QR code) 

+ The physical card is made of plastic and provided a barcode with information that has been registered before. 

+ The digital card is the barcode or QR code from AEON VIETNAM mobile application. 

*AEON Vietnam has the right to release new types of membership accounts or cancel the available ones 

Regulation and points redemption policy: 

AEON Vietnam Member Point has two types: AEON POINT and AEON VN (AVN) REWARD POINT.


– Accumulate point when shopping: For every VND 10,000 (ten thousand VND) purchases at AEON General Merchandising Store and supermarket, individual Customer Member accumulates one (01) AEON POINT (not including the unrounded change of 10,000 VND for each purchase). Points accumulation rate may change in accordance with Program Policy in each specific period. 

– Conversion rate to AEON POINT E-Voucher for AEON POINTS: Every 100 AEON POINT Points are exchanged for one (01) AEON POINT 10,000 VND (ten thousand VND) E-voucher, and may change according to the regulations and points redemption policy of the AEON POINT Program from time to time. 

The expiry date of redeeming Rewards Vouchers: Accumulated points are valid for a maximum period of two (02) years based on the date the points are credited to the Member’s account for the first time after registration. The first month of accumulation is considered the reference month. 

For example: 

If Member earns points for the first time in January 2020, then January 31 of the following year will be the expiration date of the points. Specifically, Points accumulated from January 2020 to January 31, 2021, will be considered cumulative points in the first year and will expire at the end of January 2022, which means Members can accumulate points and enjoy redeeming points for up to two (02) years. 

– In addition, individual Customer Members can also accumulate AEON POINTS and use AEON POINT E-vouchers at any Shopping Area of AEON POINT Program. 

– According to the Policy of AEON POINT Program, Organizational Members will not be entitled to the benefits of accumulating points and exchanging E-vouchers. However, Organizational Members are still entitled to receive equivalent AEON VN bonus points. 


– Members will receive AVN Bonus Points when the transaction meets the conditions and regulations established by AEON Vietnam and/or the Partners. The reward rate and value of AVN Rewards Points will change depending on the Program but will be updated specifically for Members through the media at each Shopping Area, or via the AEON VIETNAM mobile application. 

– Conversion rate to AVN Rewards Voucher (AVN Voucher) of AVN Rewards Points: Every 300 AVN Rewards Points are exchanged for one (01) AVN 30,000 VND (thirty thousand VND) 

– The expiry date to redeem AVN Voucher: will be determined according to the reward program established by AEON Vietnam and/or the Partners. 

*In advance: 

– One (01) mobile phone number is able to register one (01) member account and log in to the AEON VIETNAM mobile application. The mobile phone number used to register a member for an Organizational Member will not be used to register an Individual Member, and vice versa. 

– Organizational Customers must present authentication documents when registering for membership, according to the instructions of AEON’s Customer Service Counter staff. 

– Customer will present AEON Membership Number (main plastic card or secondary key tag card or barcode of AVN Rewards Account/ AEON POINT Points Account on AEON VIETNAM mobile application) and ID card /Citizen Identity Card/ Passport when receiving benefits (accumulating points, exchanging reward points, exchanging gifts, …) or carrying out relevant documentation procedures. 

– Accumulation of points is not applicable in case of purchase with payment by Points Coupon, Promotion Coupon in conjunction with other card programs issued by the AEON Vietnam and prohibited products according to regulations under the law. It cannot be used to participate in other promotions as well. 

– Accumulation of points after making a purchase, or when receiving reward points is only applicable to purchases within 3 days from the date printed on the receipts. 

– If a Member has not redeemed the rewards within the period, AEON Vietnam is not responsible for notifying the customer of this regulation in any case. 

– Rewards Voucher is used for discount on the next purchase; Vouchers, AEON POINTs, and AVN Rewards Points are not redeemable for cash under any circumstances 

– AEON Vietnam and the Partners have the right to refuse to grant AEON POINT Points or AVN Rewards Points when the Member violates the provisions of the Terms and Conditions. 

– Accumulation and redemption rates of different types of points, point expiry dates, etc. may change depending on the policies of AEON Vietnam Member Program and/or policies of AEON POINT Program in a specific period. However, the changed content will be specifically updated for Members through the media at each Shopping Area, or via the AEON VIETNAM mobile application. 

General Term of Use: 

– As registering for the Program, customers need to carefully read the policies, conditions, and terms of the Program. By participating in the Program, the Customer agrees to the contents of related policies, conditions, and terms. 

– AEON Vietnam has the right to execute the following sections: 

(i) Refuse for Customer to participate in the Program for legitimate reasons; 

(ii) Withdraw or cancel a Member’s participation in the Program for legitimate reasons. 

(iii) Changing and updating contents of the Program or the related Policies, Conditions, and Terms without notifying Members. As continue to maintain membership after changes and updates are posted, Members are required to accept those changes. 

(iv) Terminating of the Program at any time with the announcement to the Members at least fifteen (15) days in advance from the intended date of termination of the Program 

(v) AEON Vietnam is not responsible for dealing with complaints if the profile information provided by the Members is inaccurate, or if the time limit for receiving benefits is exceeded as prescribed in the program rules, and takes no responsibility whatsoever arising from damage or loss of the Member Accounts due to the fault of the Members. 

(vi) The Company is allowed to use the information recorded in the registration form and all data related to the member’s shopping at AEON supermarket to support online communication activities, monitoring statistics, and program management. All member data will be kept confidential. 

– The program cannot be used in conjunction with other card programs at AEON unless notified by the Company. 

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