Hóme Cóordy is AEON's high-end furniture and household appliance brand. Hóme Cóordy products are simple and sophisticated, emphasizing quality and functionality. They feature a minimalist, eco-friendly design in basic colors like white, blue, and gray, providing a comfortable experience for users.
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GIORNO MIMOSA is a fashion brand created by AEON. Aiming to serve Vietnamese customers by prioritizing users' health and environmental protection, Giorno Mimosa offers trendy designs with Japanese-standard quality, featuring elegant and youthful colors that are easy to love at first sight.


TOPVALU is AEON's private brand, offering a wide range of products including grocery and fresh foods, household goods, cosmetics, and beauty items. Managed according to Japanese standards, TOPVALU products are safe and well-suited for the Vietnamese lifestyle.
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MY CLOSET is a youth fashion brand developed by AEON Group. My Closet's designs focus on youthfulness, dynamism, and affordability.


Glam Beautique is one of Vietnam's largest stores for cosmetics, perfumes, and health care, featuring an array of offerings from AEON Wellness and leading brands in the health and beauty sectors. Committed to staying ahead of trends and improving customers' healthy and beautiful lifestyles, Glam Beautique continually work to offer a diverse range of high-quality products in a convenient and comfortable shopping environment.
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PETEMO is a pet store system under AEON Group that follows the Japanese "Pet shop" model, ensuring authentic products and a wide range of services for pets. PETEMO aspires to be the most esteemed store system, dedicated to serving and caring for your pets with utmost commitment.
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Daiso Japan is the first brand behind Japan's same-price store chain, featuring over 2,800 outlets in Japan and 700 worldwide. Offering a miniature supermarket experience, Daiso Japan stores offer diverse imported products directly from Japan, including food, health and beauty items, stationery, toys, and household products such as kitchenware, bathroom essentials, and living room accessories - all priced at VND40,000 (around $1.50).
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Aeon Fantasy is a prominent family entertainment company based in Japan. Operating under the motto "Learn and Play", Aeon Fantasy aims to bring joy and laughter to children and families. Aeon Fantasy's brands encompass Kidzooona, Fanpekka, Molly Fantasy, Kid's box, and Dynalecx.
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AEON BICYCLE SHOP is part of AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd., and was initially introduced in 2014. It is a network of stores specializing in bicycles, accessories, and repair services, all held to Japanese standards of quality and service.
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Kidzooona is a premier indoor children's amusement park in Japan, cherished by millions of families throughout Asia. Established in 1997, Kidzooona has a rich history, extensive experience, and specialized facilities and services catering to children aged 0 to 13 and their families. Kidzooona is dedicated to providing high-quality services and a safe, healthy, and entertaining play environment that emphasizes physical development and offers educational value.
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AEON MaxValu is a popular supermarket chain operated by AEON, the top retail company in Japan. Here, customers can enjoy a convenient and secure shopping experience with products curated to meet Japanese standards. AEON MaxValu offers a comprehensive range of products, including imported goods from Japan.
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AEONESHOP serves as the official e-commerce platform of AEON Vietnam.
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