Frequently asked questions

  • AEON Member Program (AEON Member) is a program for loyal customers of AEON. As an AEON member, you can fully enjoy the services and shopping offers at AEON:

    + Accumulate points to redeem voucher: 10,000 VND = 1 point, 300 points = Voucher 30,000 VND

    + 5% discount on most items on Member Day 5 & 20 every month

    + Update offers via phone notifications, Promotions section on AEON Vietnam mobile app, SMS or shopping guide

    + Privilege to participate in attractive promotions only for AEON Member

  • Member day is on the 5th and 20th of every month at AEON stores. On Member Day, Members are entitled to a 5% discount for most items except alcohol, breast milk substitutes under 24-month-old, some products at Wellness, and some other products banned from promotion under the provisions of Law).

  • Customers download and register members on AEON Vietnam mobile app

    + Link IOS:

    + Link Androids:

  • Registration for AEON Membership is completely free.

  • Accumulate points applies to most items (except alcohol, breast milk substitutes under 24 months old, some products at Wellness and some other products banned from promotion under the provisions of Law)

  • Accumulated points in the member card will expire on June 30 every year.

    For example:

    On December 31, 2023, the member’s account has a total cumulative score of 200 points. To use these points, the member needs to accumulate another 100 points to redeem a discount voucher and use it (300 points for 1 discount coupon).

    In case of expiration of points according to the general regulations of AEON Vietnam (June 30 every year), June 30, 2024, if the member still has not accumulated enough points or has not redeemed points for discount coupons, all Points accumulated before this period expire and cannot be used anymore.

  • There are 3 ways to check accumulated points:

    1. Check directly at Customer service counter

    2. Check by point checking machines at AEON.

    3. Check on the homepage (upper left corner) of the AEON Vietnam mobile app

  • + Read the AEON member registered phone number to the cashier

    + Download the AEON Vietnam application and log in, give the member code to the staff to earn points when making purchases

    + Self-print supplementary cards at the supplementary card printer/point checking machine located in the AEON Vietnam Department Store and Supermarket area

    Note: Members can only accumulate points before paying. Points accumulation does not apply to Discount Vouchers (AEON vouchers), Promotion Vouchers or when making purchases at AEON MALL.
    Accumulated points will be officially updated 24 hours after the transaction occurs.

  • Using AEON Vietnam Mobile App: Members redeem accumulated points at Voucher section on the app.

  • Member points can be only redeemed to vouchers, not be exchanged to cash.

  • Discount vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

  • In case of no transaction made in 2 consecutive years, the AEON member account will automatically be locked and cancelled.

  • Members will still accumulate points for shopping on phone if such purchase is at AEON, and not included in the list of excluded items.

    Members read the membership number to accumulate points.

  • AEON Member accounts can be used at all AEON Vietnam.

  • You can update information via:

    + Official website of AEON Vietnam:

    + Fanpage of AEON Vietnam:

    + Official Zalo channel of AEON Vietnam

    + AEON Vietnam Mobile app

    + Register to update directly via SMS or Shopping Manual at the Customer Service counter of AEON Vietnam General Merchandise Store & Supermarket.