The Exciting Dance Contest – Aeon Cup 2014 already selected the most excellent 4 candidates to directly enter the semifinal round of the Exciting Dance Contest 2014.

In 3 days of 20, 21, 22/6, at Aeon General Merchandise Store and Supermarket, the Exciting Dance Contest – Aeon Cup 2014 was held with the participation of hundreds of young people with the love for Hiphop Dance inside and outside the country. The customers who were present in these days at Aeon General Merchandise Store and Supermarket had the opportunity to enjoy the exciting performances of the contestants.

In the first night, the teams participating in Showcase had extremely exciting performances to warm up the entire stage. This was also considered as the perfect warm-up of the couples for the next stressful but interesting completion days.


Teams of Showcase style had the start performances for the contest

The first contest night was for All Styles. The youthful and innovative dances of different styles were the timeless attraction so that the audience could not take their eyes off the stage. Especially, the night had the participation of dancers from Singapore as the new, strange and fascinating air to the contest.


Confident to show their own styles with All Style

The second night was probably the night for B-Boy boys. With Bboy Style of antagonistic 5×5, the dancers had made the audience to jump stunt for their virtuosity.


Powerful Bboy boys

The 3rd night – the final night of the contest was the night for the most excellent talents gathered and devoted the unique performances full with emotions. With the spirit of exchange, learning, dancers seemed to forget all pressure of the contest to feel totally relaxed with the extremely vibrant music with young DJs.


Many audiences came to watch and cheer for the dancers

To ensure the professionalism, the Exciting Dance Contest – Aeon Cup 2014 invited local and foreign professional dancers to be the examiners of the contest such as Dancer Luqman, Felix from Singapore and Vietnamese examiners such as Bboy Viet Max, Bboy Ha Le, dancer Technics, Dancer Clown, Popper Sadly, Popper Meshia.

The contest was ended with the prize to the most excellent teams. However, over all, the contest was the opportunity for the young people with the shared love for Hiphop to gather to share the skills and experience and try to make Hiphop Dance become a professional sport recognized and supported by more people.