Opening AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary on 01/11/2014

The biggest ”Suburban” Shopping Mall in Vietnam

(HCMC, November 1st, 2014”, Aeon Vietnam Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called Aeon Vietnam) shall open the second shopping mall named ’AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary ” in Binh Duong on November 1st, 2014 (Saturday).

AEON Group, in its medium-term strategy (2014-2016), has set up the general strategy for the entire group named ”ASIA Shift”, with increasing the operation in ASEAN and China. In Vietnam, ACS Vietnam Trading Co., Ltd. – an affiated company under Aeon group specialized in installment sales business, has started its operation since 2008. Ministop with the Ministop shop chain has started operation since 2011 and up to now 11 shops have been developed. Similarly, AEON Mall Tan Phu Celadon was openned in the early Januarly 2014 – marking the presence of Aeon Group in Vietnam. AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary is also following the one-stop shopping model with many entertainment areas, services areas, restaurants etc. to offer the local people the opporuntity to experience new values, new way of life.

TAEON Group shall continue to promote the strategy of ”Asia Shift”, actively implement shopping malls as well as General Merchandise Store – GMS, cooperate with service, financial, specialized shops etc, of teh group to aim at long-term development in Vietnam, contribute to improve the living standars of the local people.

(Photo of AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary )

Hình Trung tâm mua sắm AEON Bình Dương Canary

Some typical characteristics of AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary

  • – The total number of tenant stands: 150 stands, with 40 stands for Japan brands in which 18 stands with the first presence in Vietnam.
  • – More than 60 restaurants with dishes from different countries to create the complext food court with the biggest scale in Vietnam.
  • – “JAPAN ZONE” provides the diversified types of goods orignated from Japan, including fashion products to neccesary products for daily life to diversified food space with many traditional Japanese dishes.
  • – High-quality services such as Japan Style Hair salon, Fitness Gym Center, Entertainment Center, laundary center etc.
  • – 3 event areas inside where regularly organize the weekly events. In addition, the outside of Binh Duong Mall Canary is decorated with the chrismas tree of 13m in high and 5-color lamps which change the color following the music.

Some typical characteristics of AEON General Merchandise Store (GMS)

  • – Aeon Foodcourt named ”Delica World” with open kitchen in dynamic and close style to serve the demand for foods of the customers; provide the Japanese traditional dishes as well as loved Vietnamese dishes.
  • – ”Beauty World” Zone with the first-in-Vietnam brands to give the interesting suggestions to the customers with the demand for fashion, comestic and jewlery products.
  • – “Kids Republic” Zone for children with the area of 3,000m2 which is the biggest in the area, copperate with indoor entertanment area named “Molly Fantasy” operated by the afficilated company in the Group.
  • – Promotion sale zone: cooperating with the local providers to regularly organize the weekly promotion events closely linked with the social events in the year.

Location of AEON Binh Duong Canary Shopping Mall

  • – Located about 15km away from Ho Chi Minh City to the North, AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary is located next to Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP) with the population of nearly 800 thousand people and of 20 minutes for motorbike riding. In addition, the shopping mall is also located within the high-ranking residences named “Canary Complex” with many offices, restaurants, international schools to attract more residents to this area in the future.
  • – AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary consists of 2 floors and one ground floor with the gross floor area (GFA) of 70,000m2, of biggest type in the region; the parking area with the capacity of 6,000 motorbikes and 1,000 cars. Inside the shopping mall, there is the General Merchandise Store (GMS) and about 150 tenant stands which are available to offer the customers the shopping space, the opportunity to experience the new services and products to improve better the living standards of the customers.
Trung tâm mua sắm AEON Bình Dương Canary

Characteristics of different floors of AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary

  1. Tầng Trệt “Cuộc sống thành thị hiện đại” ( Urban City Life)
    Tầng Trệt Cuộc sống thành thị hiện đại

    Some typical stands:

    • – F.O.S, Giordano, The Blues, Labella
    • – Rosebullet Edit Tokyo with the first presence in Vietnam
    • – JAPAN ZONE: including Japan Selection, DAISO (same price store)
    • – Phuc Long Coffee, Highlands Coffee, Texas Chicken, Lotteria, Carl’s Jr., Jollibee
  2. 1st floor- Joyfull Experience
    Tầng một Trải nghiệm vui vẻ (Joyfull Experience)

    Some typical stands:

    • – Dream Games (Game Center + Bowling), Play Time
    • – Hura Kids, Children Smile, PINKISS, K&K Toys, My Kingdom, Funny Land
    • – Fitness Center “RENAISSANCE”, Raffine, Mano Mano, Belle Lumiere, SAKURA CLEANING
  3. Second Floor -Glo-cal Food Market
    Tầng hai Thế giới ẩm thực ( Glo-cal Food Market)

    Typical stands:

    • - CGV Cinama complex
    • - MARUKAME UDON, Misoya Ramen, Nijyumaru, Shabu-Shabu Japan, Rooster (Con Ga Trong), Kichi Kichi, MK Restaurant

Typical characteristics of the floors – AEON General Merchandise Store (AEON GMS)

AEON General Merchandise Store (AEON GMS) with the area of 17,000 m2 of the biggest type in Vietnam, consists of supermarket to provide the foods and daily products, fastion store for all ages, household goods with new style to the customers.

With the slogan of “high-quality products”, “safe and reliable foods”, “Proposal for new living style”, AEON has paid due attention on the confortable and convinient shopping for the customers through the sevices, physical facilities and serving style of the staffs etc. to contribute to improve the living standards of the local people.

  1. Ground Floor
    • - With an area of 3,000 m2, the supermarket zone provides essential everyday products such as fresh food, food technology, consumer goods, … with more than 12,000 items. “ Delica World” Food area with open kitchen provides all dishes to meet the food and drink demand of the customers. In addition, “AEON Wellness” Zone is specialized in providing Health and Beauty Care products to meet the increasingly-high demands of the people. Here, “AEON Bicycle” stand will provide the high-quality bicycles and there are also customer service, delivery stands to provide more utilities to the customers.
    • - Aat Sushi stand, the customers may enjoy more than 100 types of Sushi which are customized to suit the taste of the local people.
    • - For the first time, AEON shall implement AEON coffee stand to help the customers to enjoy hot cups of coffee with different dishes in the 150-seat foodcourt.
    • - “Salad Bar” with more than 30 types of clean fresh vegetables selected carefully from supply sources in Da Lat and some vegetables planted following Japanese technology shall offer the customers new tastes.
    • Tầng hai Thế giới ẩm thực ( Glo-cal Food Market)
    • - Seafood area, in addition to the traditional products of Vietnam, also provides the selected products of Japan such as Sama Japan, Wagyu to enrich the daily menu of the customers.
    • - At “Import products” area, with nearly 600 products imported from neighbouring countries in which there are nearly 100 high-quality products with reasonable price from “TopValu” brand developed by AEON.
  2. First floor
    • - The 1st floor of the AEON is providing sufifciently fashion, jewelries, footwear, handbags etc, with the designed stands to help the customers to select easily and combine the products per as their preferences. Especially, such brands as “Osewaya” and “Honeys” from Japan, “NaRaYa” from Thailand with the first presence in Vietnam shall offer the customers interesting and unique products.
    • Tầng một
    • In addition, there are also products of “Scallet” brand – the succesfful brand of AEON in Malaysia, shall also provide more choices to the customers with all outfits from underwear to office clothes.
    • Tầng một Scallet
  3. Second floor
    • - “Kids Republic” with the area of nearly 3000m2 provides all items for children to create an unique area of AEON style with “Molly Fantacy” Entertainment Area inside. There are also brands from Japan which are loved by the children such as Hello Kitty, Pokemon firstly present in Binh Duong.
    • - In addition, there are also electronics, interior decoration, stationaries etc. to help the customers to choose the neccesary products for their homes.
    • Tầng hai
General information about Aeon Mall Binh Duong Canary:
Name :
AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary
Address :
Canary Complex, Binh Duong Avenue, Thuan Giao ward, Thuan An town, Binh Duong Province
Structure of the building :
2 floors and 1 basement (parking area on the basement and roof floor)
Openning date :
November 1st 2014
Openning hours :
10:00 to 22:00 (except some areas)
Off days :
no off-day
Area of the land lot :
Gross floor area :
Gross floor area for lease :
Parking capacity :
6000 motorbikes and 1000 cars
Operated and managed by :
AEON MALL Binh Duong Co., Ltd.
Mall Area Director :
Mr. Fumiyama Heiyo
General information about AEON General Merchandise Store – GMS
Name :
AEON Binh Duong Canary
Tel :
Opening hours :
Supermarket on ground floor: 8:00 ~ 22:00
Fashion and Household Goods Area (1st and 2nd floor):
10:00 ~ 22:00
Off-day :
no off-day
Gross Floor area :
17,000 m2
Supermarket director :
Mr. Aono Keizo
Number of staffs :
600 persons

For more information about AEON, please contact:

Marketing Executive
Aeon Vietnam Co., Ltd
Head Office: Floor 2,
Aeon Mall Shopping Center,
30 Bo Bao Tan Thang, Son Ky Ward,
Tan Phu District
Tel: +84 (8) 62 887711 (Ext: 377)
Fax: +84 (8) 6269 2012
Email: []

Marketing Officer
Aeon Vietnam Co., Ltd
Head Office: Floor 2,
Aeon Mall Shopping Center,
30 Bo Bao Tan Thang, Son Ky Ward,
Tan Phu District
Tel: +84 (8) 62 887711 (Ext: 359)
Fax: +84 (8) 6269 2012
Email: []