SCRUM Higashine Store in Yamaguchi Prefecture selling CDs, DVDs, and books SCRUM Higashine Store in Yamaguchi Prefecture selling CDs, DVDs, and books

Toward Realizing Working Environment
where Employees Can Achieve Their Potential

Aeon’s initiative toward employing the handicapped was highly evaluated.

Under its Basic Principle of “Pursuing Peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to local communities, always with the customer’s point of view as its core,” Aeon has been promoting diversity management, an initiative aiming to leverage diverse pool of human resources by respecting unique perspective and background of each individual. As a part of the initiative, Aeon, with its Group companies, has worked to create workplace where every employee is able to exercise his/her potential, including those handicapped. Abilities Jusco Co., Ltd., for example, conducts employment support business for those handicapped in and outside of Aeon Group, as well as running CD shops Scrum where the handicapped work alongside with those non-handicapped. Likewise, Aeon Supercenter Co., Ltd., has introduced teleworking

Awarded Company
or Employee
Evaluated points
Introduction of teleworking system for the handicapped has helped
employment of people with mental or developmental disabilities
An employee at
Abilities Jusco Co., Ltd.
The winner is a long-service and exemplary employee who had
overcome his/her disability
AEON Retail Co., Ltd.
Abilities Jusco Co., Ltd.
The total employment rate of the handicapped of the three
companies has continuously exceeded statutory rate of 2.0%

system from this April in order to enable employees to work flexibly in time and place, which has ultimately led to employment stability. Evaluating these initiatives, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities and Job Seekers awarded Aeon Supercenter Co., Ltd., Aeon Co., Ltd. and an employee from Abilities Jusco Co., Ltd. respectively. Aeon will continue its endeavor in realizing better working environment for all employees to achieve their full potential.