Hire Purchase


You can certainly purchase as many favorite items as you wish without concerning about your own pocket. Let’s discover hire purchase service – a smart shopping style at AEON with a number of fabulous privileges:

Mua tra cham

LOW Interest

Mua tra cham 2

FAST Judgement

Mua tra cham 3

SIMPLE Procedure

Mua tra cham 4

NO Mortgage

  • Age

    21 – 60 years old (Over 18 year – old students are specially supported with Guarantor)

  • Required Documents

    – ID Card Copy, Family Book/KT3 copy, Utility Bills, at least one fix phone, Income Proof (optional)


  • Applied to Students

    – Applicant’s ID card and guarantor’s ID card, Family Book/KT3 copy, Student ID, Tuition receipt of the latest semester, contactable phone number of applicant and guarantor.
    – For further information, please contact ACS counters or Hotline (028) 5445 3800

Products applied

You can own multiple items at the same time without having to worry about your finances. Become a smart consumer and join the program “Hire Purchase at AEON” to enjoy many attractive incentives:

Hàng điện máy

Electronic Appliances

Sản phẩm công nghệ

IT products

Điện thoại di động

Mobile Phones

Nội thất


Nhạc cụ

Musical Instruments

Xe máy


Xe đạp


Mặt hàng trả chậm khác

Many other items/products

Payment term

Tenor can be varied from 6 to 24 months

Payment methods

Through Banks: Citi Bank Network.
At Convenience Store: Circle K stores (VND 8,000 / transaction)
Through Payoo Network at Ministop , Citimart, Foodcomart, Maximark