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  • Kids club card program is only available to Vietnamese citizens with ID card and foreigners with passport whose age is from 18 years old and have children aged up to 14 years old; employees of AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. are not eligible to join the program, and the program is not applicable to any commercial purposes.
  • After registering, customers will be given a Mommy card (Kids Club card) at the customer service desk. Each customer can only own one card.
  • All card-related rights are reserved to AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. (referred to as AEON) after cards are granted to customers. In case of card loss, please contact Customer Service Desk to get a new card with a fee of 20,000 VND.
  • Members should present Mommy card (Kids Club card) or barcode when making payment to receive 5% discount on Baby’s Day (Saturday and Sunday of the last week of the month) when for maternal & baby products at AEON Department Stores & Supermarkets.
  • Please present Mommy card (Kids Club card) and ID card or Passport upon receiving privileges or completing related procedures.
  • AEON reserves the right at any time to:
    • Modify or terminate the Mommy Card Program (Kids Club card)
    • Refuse to issue Mommy card (Kids Club card)
    • Revoke or cancel a Mommy card (Kids Club card) for legitimate reasons.  Legitimate reasons include customers in any way taking advantage of Mommy card (Kids Club card) for wrong purposes in according to terms and conditions of this program or being doubted to be dishonest in using Mommy card (Kids Club card).
  • AEON will not be responsible for benefit settlement if the information provided by Customers are incomplete and inaccurate, or upon expiration of privileges in accordance with the program’s regulations and does not assume any responsibility arising out of damaged or lost Mommy card (Kids Club card).
  • AEON is allowed to use the information written in the registration form and all data related to the shopping at AEON Department Stores & Supermarkets of customers having membership card to support activities of direct marketing, statistics and program management.  All data related to members will be kept confidential.

If customers have any questions, please contact the Customer Service Desk at the nearest AEON department store or email to