About TopValu

TOPVALU is a private brand developed by AEON. We make on-going efforts to provide the best products to our customers. TOPVALU offers a wide range of products from dry and fresh food, household commodities, cosmetics, beauty care, etc., managed according to strict Japanese standards, ensuring safety and complete compliance with lifestyle of Vietnamese people. TOPVALU hopes to bring our customers assurance and trust upon selecting TOPVALU as a quality product for family.

5 TopValu commitments

  • 1

    Focus on product development to satisfy customers’ needs

  • 2

    Provide simple and clear product information

  • 3
    Promise to satisfy customers’ expectations for product quality
  • 4

    Fulfillment of food safety and environmental standard

  • 5

    High quality products at reasonable prices

TOPVALU development directed by criteria
“Customers are our number one priority”


In 1974, the cup noodle product named J Cup was introduced to the public. Instead of attaching a fork, we reduced the cost to 85 Yen but still guaranteed the product quality at a cheaper price than the price in those days.


In 1975, the price increase caused great insecurity for consumers. Understanding that concern, we began to develop high-quality and reasonable-price products to meet our customers’ needs.
We continuously develop a large number of value-added products while shortening distribution channels. By 1985, we launched the product called “Home Coordy”, which is a brand specializing in interior decoration with about 2,100 products related to bedroom and dining room furniture.


In the context of economic recession, consumers are increasingly tightening their spending. Therefore, we have developed products with attractive prices to serve customers’ daily needs. We started selling apparel and household products called “Best Price” and food products named “Products encouraged for purchase during the month” with prices lower than the usual ones from 15% to 50%.


Started developing products under the brand name “Green Eye”, which consists of green and clean organic products without the use of chemical fertilizers as prescribed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Green Eye undertakes to display accurate product information in accordance with laws.


TopValu is a combination of the word “Top” = the best and “Value” = the best value, conveying the message of us offering customers high-quality products with the most competitive price. We aim to develop a brand that is valuable not only in quality but also price, which shall not be second to any other brands.


Nhãn hiệu TOPVALUE đã đổi tên thành TOPVALU với logo là khu rừng mang ý nghĩa “khu rừng của chất lượng cuộc sống” làm phong phú cuộc sống của khách hàng. TOPVALU có các nhãn phụ lần lượt là “SELECT” và “GREEN EYE”


To meet diverse needs of our customers, we conducted a review on existing product categories content modification, including changes in packaging of these 4 brands. This change is based on urgent needs of customers


TOPVALU SELECT has been rebuilt as a brand that provides high-quality experiences by careful- selection of ingredients, origin, manufacture methods and planning according to the new standard of “Customer satisfaction must reach over 80%”


Responding to demands of the majority of customers about health care products, TOPVALU GREEN EYE has been innovated into 3 brands including: Organic, Natural and Free From.


“I want to buy quality products at a better price” - BESTPRICE has met that demand by taking advantage of the scope of AEON Group. Thereby, TOPVALU BESTPRICE is famous for its good-quality products that are equal to other brands with reasonable prices.

New TopValu products at Aeon

TOPVALU multivitamin supplement

TOPVALU Glamatical anti-aging collagen

TOPVALU seed extract gel

TOPVALU anti-aging mask

TOPVALU fast-absorbing skin mask

TOPVALU Glamatical anti-aging essence

TOPVALU moisturizing cleanser

TOPVALU DHA supplement

TOPVALU foaming cleanser

TOPVALU fast-absorbing skin mask

4 topvalu product lines


Improve life quality, create high-value products, meet customers' expectations and demands.


Offer peace of mind and safety to customers. Provide environmentally friendly products good for human health.


Provide products with affordable prices and convincing quality.


Careful selection of high-quality products in terms of ingredients, production methods with reasonable price.