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Officially established on January 1, 2017, AEON's official online shopping site: www.AeonEshop.com promises to provide customers with safe online shopping where high-quality products and thoughtful services are offered.

Meeting the need of pursuing and purchasing high-quality Japanese products

Known for their prestige, quality and durability, Japanese products have always gained the trust and affection of most Vietnamese consumers. From the 80s and 90s of the last century, Vietnamese people have always been fond of Japanese-origin products although most goods were just second-hand goods sold at quite high prices at that time, but for Vietnamese families, these were popular and reliable products.

Nowadays, with the increasing demand for high-quality products and health protection, Japanese goods have become more and more attractive to modern consumers with a wide range of types ranging from health care and beauty products, products for mothers and babies, fashion accessories to household appliances, etc.

AeonEshop - a reliable shopping channel

However, more and more foreign shopping websites fail to guarantee origin of products, so many customers are confused about the reliability of suppliers and feel dissatisfied with complicated order process accompanied with various risks.

Understanding that reason, AeonEshop was established to contribute to solving online shopping problems in a safe and speedy manner. Thereby, consumers at young ages in general and busy women in particular not having much time to visit shopping centers can buy Japanese goods online safely and easily.

Visiting AEON Supermarket with just 1 click

With a simple “Buy and Sell” operation, you can freely buy high-quality products imported to renovate your family's living space, and experience return policy up to 14. days after purchase. At AeonEshop, you will feel like as if you are going to AEON supermarket placed at your house, with a variety of products in categories such as:

  • Thời trang
  • Electronics
  • Office supplies
  • Cosmetics
  • Appliances
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Bike
  • Mom and Baby goods

Especially, there are a variety of product lines branded TOPVALU - Aeon's private brand imported directly from Japan. In addition, AeonEshop also owns many attractive promotions given on a monthly basis, giving your family various opportunities for economical and convenient shopping.

5 reasons for online shopping at AeonEshop


AeonEshop is basically a miniature AEON Supermarket, providing a variety of products ranging from daily food, fashion to electronics, appliances, sports equipment and picnic utensils, etc. Full services are rendered for shopping demands of Vietnamese people.


Free delivery nationwide is offered by AeonEshop with orders valued from VND 300,000.
AeonEshop delivery time is from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 to 22:00.


AeonEshop is absolutely committed to origin of products. AeonEshop selects and manages its suppliers very closely. All products are affixed with import stamps and quality certificates.


AeonEshop has a flexible return policy, specifically within 10 days for electronics and 14 days for the remaining products (except for fresh goods, underwear, cosmetics, liquidation products and electronics of activated warranty).


AeonEshop offers a variety of attractive promotions on a daily basis for different items. In addition, AeonEshop also cooperates with different brands to provide customers with various shopping benefits.

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