The chain of Same price shop “Daiso Japan” operated by Aeon Vietnam is now planning to expand its chain into other department stores, shopping malls.

Within the average size of 500m2 (including backroom), we could operate a Daiso shop with same concept as in Japan, including full range of assortment as mentioned below.

If you are interested in our business, please feel free to contact us:
Aeon Vietnam Ltd., Co
2Fl, Aeon Shopping Mall Tan Phu Celadon, 30 Bo Bao Tan Thang, Son Ky Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC
Tel: (+84-28)6288 7711 (Ext: 326)
Email: (Ms.Tu)

Discoveries like “Wow, can I really buy all these things for such a low price?” and the fun of choosing from wide selection of products.
Providing “Quality”, “Variety”, and “Uniqueness”, Daiso continues to create stores where consumers “Find Surprise and Fun” in a way that is unrivalled.

Daiso products boast an excellent reputation among discerning Japanese customers- Shoppers in Japan are surrounded by a barrage of products from all over the world, giving them a trained eye when it comes to value and quality. Daiso products have an excellent reputation among these customers.

With about 70,000 products to choose from today, 99% of them were developed in-house with a serious focus on quality, functionality, and design. Daiso’s buyers carefully select and develop those products together with partners from 45 countries based on their close relationships. This amazing power of development results in the creation of more than 500 new products every month.


Quality honed in the Japanese market, products that meet diverse customer

Strong reputation among discerning Japanese consumers

Quality and functions made possible through in-house

Able to develop 500 new products every month

Offering a wealth of products in a wide range of genres at amazing prices, Daiso products always provide customers with new discoveries

From dishes, foods, toiletries, and sundries to makeup, stationary goods, and tools, Daiso offers a wide variety of products. In addition, the products are of high quality, and mostly available at the amazingly low price of 100 yen. Repeat customers always discover something new when they go to Daiso, and that explains the popularity of the company. Today Daiso boasts a 65% share of the 100 yen shop market. We will continue to provide new genres and develop new products

Daiso foods

Providing products that make our daily lives better at amazing prices.

A wealth of products covering a wide range of genres

Amazing low price of 100 yen

In-house manufacturing facilities ensure superior quality

Product goods
Product arts
Product new 01
Product new 01

Providing surprise and fun through our products with the power of ideas and design

Product development that fully integrates functionality and design

Amazing products created from continuous innovation

Making products more attractive with colors, shapes and ideas