About AEON Vietnam

Its Business Partners and AEON (Its Partners and AEON)

AEON respects innovative business partners who help the company achieve its objective of Customer Satisfacion.We strive to work as equals with our business partners, dealing fairly and working for our mutual prosperity.The term business partner refers to all of the partners with whom we conduct business, including those who provide retail products, facilities services, and our retail tenants.
At AEON, we cooperate with our business partners,all of whom are important to us, moving forward together to develop innovative business models that will open the gate to the next era.

We cultivate strong relationships with our partners, together pursuing innovative business practices, better products, better services, and our mutual success.

At AEON, we clearly document agreements with business partners, and strictly follow the letter of such agreements.

We maintain equality with our business partners, connected through formal agreements. Both parties strictly adhere to all agreed-upon contract provisions.

At AEON, we respect business partners whose top priority is safety and customer peace of mind/assurance.

We and all of our business partners share the common goal of “Customer Satisfaction.” If the smallest doubt exists regarding the safety or trust of a product or service, we work with our business partners to promptly ascertain the nature of the concern and resolve the issue.

At AEON, we require our business partners to comply with both the letter and spirit of international standards and to practice them fully.

AEON complies with and respects all generally recognized international standards, including those related to ISO, labor, environmental conservation, and quality management. We also require our business partners to strictly observe these same standards.

At AEON, we do not tolerate the acceptance of gifts, money,or special favors from our business partners.

We select business partners based on their ability to offer better products and services at fair prices. Individuals do not accept any gifts, money, or special treatment from a business partner designed to secure our business in any situation. All efforts must go toward benefits to the customers.

If you have any proven information about AEON Vietnam’s staff concerning illogical actions that negatively affect the business cooperation between you and AEON Viet Nam, we will support you to identify and solve these issues.
Please feel free to contact us via our hotline: